Saturday, May 29, 2010

Europe 2010 update 2

Soca X boater-cross - the start platform! PIC - Gerald Filzwieser

Hi everyone,

After the Steyr I had a week of training in Graz before another AUT champs race on the Mur River, where I was a distant 4th...never really felt good on the course. Directly afterwards we left for a 7 day training camp in Sort, Spain - this was an excellent week in preparation for the World Championships, left totally tired but very positive about the course.

Soca X boater-cross - tight around the first turn! I am number 18. PIC - Gerald Filzwieser

An easy few days back in Austria, and we left for another training camp in Slovenia, the site of 2 World Cup races in late June. During this time we had 3 races, wildwater classic and sprint (2 x 6th places) and X boater-cross (knocked out before the money round!).

Soca wildwater classic - near the finish. PIC - Gerald Filzwieser

Back in Graz now until next Wednesday when we leave for the World Championships, June 7-13. Thanks for the messages, we will go our hardest in Spain!